Demand Juan Manuel Be Allowed to Stay!

photoJuan Manuel is a student at Renton Tech and has lived and worked around Seattle for seven years. He is facing deportation and wants to fight it. He needs people to get his back! He came to the US to escape gang violence in Mexico and now is a key financial support for his family.

In July 2012, Juan was arrested for reckless driving. He was later transferred to the Tacoma Detention Center for 3 weeks. He is a current student at Renton Technical College, where he hopes to pursue a construction management career. He is also an active member of a local soccer league, Liga Azteca.  


1. Come support Juan Manuel in court. His next court appearance is this Thursday, January 23nd. Meet at 1:30PM at 2nd and Spring at the Federal Building in Downtown Seattle (1002 2nd Avenue). We’ll have T-shirts for you to wear. If you need directions day of you can call this phone number 206-250-8683If you cannot make it, we’ll have more upcoming actions, stay tuned! 


2. Make the call to ICE today and demand that they grant prosecutorial discretion for Juan M. Sanchez. Call Director of ICE,John Sandweg at 202-732-3000 & say “Hi, I want to leave a message for John Sandweg’s secretary.” Also call Washington Field Office Director,Natalie Asher at 206-786-6858.

3. Leave the message: “Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE grant discretion on the case of Juan Manuel (A#205-273-827). Juan has close educational ties in Seattle as a student at Renton Tech. He also has a broad community of friends here. He has lived and worked in Seattle for 7 years. According to the Morton Memo, Juan is a low priority case and his deportation should be stopped”


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