No to the Jail to Deportation pipeline!

Facebook Event:

Tell the King County Council to lift ALL ICE holds!

Monday, May 13th @1PM Meet at 3rd and James.

At about 1:15PM we will head up together to the 12th floor where the King County Council meets.

King County Adult Jail and Juvenile Detention Center VOLUNTARILY detains immigrants for ICE for deportation with / without conviction.

In 2012, 986 people were detained and deported through the KC Jail.

phone: 206-971-9100


Text of flyer reads:

Why Say No to ICE Holds?

** The jail sends people to ICE for deportation after their sentence is served.

> The goal of the Criminal Justice System is not rehabilitative. It is to punish and to make money. Deportation is an extension of this logic.

** Honoring ICE detainer requests significantly extends jail stays

> Average jail stay for people subject to ICE detainer request was about 1 month longer.
> For those charged with a felony offense, the stay was about 2 months longer

** ICE detainers target people without serious criminal
charges and histories

> 50% of people subjected to ICE detainers have only a misdemeanor
> 13% of people subject to ICE detainer were not charged with a crime before transfer to ICE for deportation

** King County is not repaid for the cost of detaining

> In 2011: KC Jail spent $3 million to detain immigrants for ICE. This amount was not reimbursed. Not honoring ICE detainer requests would save local government $1.8 million/year

** Racial Profiling of Latin@ people

> ~ 30% of people who were detained by ICE upon release
from jail are Latin@
> The KC Juvenile Detention Center collaborates with ICE
on transferring immigrant YOUTH for deportation.


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One Response to “No to the Jail to Deportation pipeline!”

  1. […]  They also expressed solidarity with the ongoing prison hunger strike, and  demanded an end to ICE Holds. (ICE holds are when  the King County jail holds prisoners to be deported; inside their chambers, […]

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