Solidarity Statement with Idle No More

Who You Callin Illegal? Solidarity Statement with Idle No More


Who You Callin’ Illegal? is a grassroots anti-deportation, detention, and incarceration group of allies and people dealing with deportation and incarceration. We recognize the United States of America is an illegitimate, settler government with a past and current reality of genocide and colonization. We recognize this government that labels people “illegal”, puts up militarized borders, incarcerates poor people and people of color and deports them is the same government that committed the genocide and continual displacement of the Indigenous Peoples of this land.

With this understanding, we operate under a framework of Decolonization and support, respect, and are in solidarity with the Idle No More movement as Indigenous People move to reclaim, honor, and protect this land, water and their rights as Indigenous Peoples. Recognizing the Canadian government is also an illegitimate, colonial government, and standing in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples across colonial borders, we stand opposed to the omnibus budget Bill C-45 that further displaces and marginalizes Indigenous communities. As the United States continues its genocidal assault on the Earth for profit,creating war, poverty, and forced displacement, communities are forced to leave their homes for the country that committed these atrocities; leaving broken families, brutal working conditions, incarceration and for those without citizenship, deportation. We recognize this reality echoes that of the Indigenous Peoples of this land, with racist laws and a colonial government that leaves them disproportionately in poverty, houseless, and incarcerated, while the Earth is tormented and extracted, with indigenous plants and animals dwindling rapidly in population.

As NAFTA, the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror” continues its assault on the Earth and Indigenous Peoples nationally and globally, we recognize that struggles must be linked locally and across these genocidal borders.  We honor, recognize, and humbly thank the First Peoples of this land that we reside on. We honor and thank the Earth, and in our work stand in solidarity and struggle alongside those who fight to dismantle these systems of oppression and create, remember, and reclaim ancestral lands and the rights, dignity, and liberation of Indigenous Peoples across the world.

Who You Callin’ Illegal?


~ by whoyoucallinillegal2012 on January 7, 2013.

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